Top 11 Reasons Why Living in Wyoming is Wicked Awesome!

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Top 11 Reasons Why Living in Wyoming is Wicked Awesome!
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Top 11 Reasons Why Living in Wyoming is Wicked Awesome! Presents: 

 Top 11 Reasons Why Living in Wyoming is Wicked Awesome! 

We all know living in Wyoming is awesome, but did you know there was a Top 11 List?!?  This is of course 'unofficial' and made for fun but worthy of sharing none the less!  We hope you enjoy! 

 1.       A broad range of architectural housing styles- You won’t find Vinyl Village or Cookie Cutter houses in Wyoming!! 

 2.       Sidewalks- They really provide the opportunity to have a safe place to walk your dog and/or with your family allow you to meet new neighbors or catch up with those you’ve known forever. If you walk/run for exercise I’m sure you would want to take advantage of this map. A series of three smaller paths (4.2 miles, 3.4 miles, and 3.3 miles) combine together to give you a 10.9 mile Walk/Bike path throughout Wyoming.       

3.       Sense of community- No wonder those of you that grew up in Wyoming return as adults with your own families!  No other neighborhood in Cincinnati offers the total sense of community that Wyoming does.  It’s enviable! 

4.       Leaf pickup- No one likes to wrestle leaves into yard bags! Our City offers a service that not many others do; The Service Department will not only pick up the leaves off your curb but they also will turn them into mulch for you to pick up for free in the spring. NICE! 

 5.       Small businesses- The Wyoming Business Association does an amazing job at promoting the businesses throughout Wyoming.  From Architects to Wyoming Wines and everything in between you can find just about any service you need here.  Most of the Wyoming Businesses are owned by residents, so please do your best to support them! 

6.       Schools- 12 years of Excellent Rating and counting! Ranked #2 in the State of Ohio for public schools and the High School had the highest percentage of graduates receiving Honors Diplomas in the COUNTRY! (111.4%)    

7.       The menu at Half Day Café- specifically the Sunflower Wheat French Toast at Half Day Café (two slices of our own sunflower wheat  bread, topped with fresh fruit, a dollop of vanilla yogurt and a sprinkle of granola) DELISH!!  

8.       Parks, parks, parks!!!- Did you know Wyoming has over 12 parks to choose from for outdoor family fun??  Click for a complete list!       


9.       Teachers who believe enough in the community to LIVE there too! 

10.    The Service Departments- Hands down the employees of these different Service departments do an amazing job at keeping our city Safe, Clean, and Well Run! Thank you Police Dept, Public Works, Finance & Customer Service, Community Development, Building Inspectors, Water Works, and Fire Dept! YOU make our City great!  

11.    The ease of finding rental properties on!  (You knew that was coming didn't you?!)   

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